Motorcycles now could be found in many countries around the world. Motorcycles are mostly known to be a mode of transportation in some countries. They could be used just like how it was made or there is something that is attached to them so that it could carry passengers. The single motorcycle is mainly used by one or two people but when something is attached, five persons can ride. Now there are also the electric versions. Many countries have adopted or are using this.


But there are more to motorcycles. There are many types of it. You can find the conventional street type and the example that is given is a Triumph Bonneville T100. There is also the one for the sport and the example given is the Triumph Daytona 955i. When it comes to the cruising type of motorcycle, the example of it is a Suzuki Marauder. Going into the scooter type their is the Vespa Granturismo 200. This is very nice for those who like a motorcycle for transportation.

Another type is the motorcycle used for touring and an example of it is the Honda Gold Wing GL1800. Another type of motorcycle is the chopper and the example of this is the Harley-Davidson chopper. There is also the Step-through example which is the moped. The types of motorcycles can also require a certain position in riding it so that it could be used comfortably. There are the types that are suitable for women who would like to use as transportation or for racing.