Texas is one of the places that you should also try to visit. It has its own history that you could know and it is interesting also to visit places that have been part of history. Texas has its own pieces of history that are popular with many people. One of the places that you can visit is the Alamo which is located in San Antonio on its outskirts. This place is one of the historic sites to visit while in America.

Another place to visit is the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas which became historic when it became the source of the bullet that killed the president John F. Kennedy. If you like then you can also visit the nearby monument of the president. Another place that is very popular to visit is the Space Center in Houston. There are much to see like exhibits and educational tour. If you have not seen the Big Bend National Park then you should be able to go and visit. It has interesting different zones.

The River Walk is one that you should not miss. You can have the time to see its length or eat in one of the restaurants that are positioned beside the river. Another National Park is the Guadalupe National Park and you can also go to the Padre Island National Seashore. The Capitol of the state is located in Austin ad it is worth it if you drop and see its beauty. There are more for you to discover.